Q&A: Defending the Right to Protest in South Africa

The right to speak out against injustice without fear of reprisal is under threat in South Africa. Right2Protest is a relatively new organization, founded to defend and advance the rights of peaceful protesters there. Recently, Stanley Malematja, Right2Protest’s attorney, spoke to the Open Society Foundations’ Human Rights Initiative’s Sharan Srinivas about his […]

Joint Press Statement: #Remember Fees Must Fall

  Remember #FeesMustFall and Free the Fallists                                                                    In commemoration of Youth Day 2018, a collective of civil society organisations and activists have come together to launch a campaign aimed at highlighting the plight of #FeesMustFall activists whose lives have been adversely affected by their involvement in the protests that […]

How to give notice

When planning a protest it is important to ensure that you have followed all the correct procedures. Your protest rights are enshrined in Section 17 of the Constitution of South Africa and are regulated by the Regulation of Gatherings Act, 1993.   Steps to follow when giving notice: Step One: […]