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Annual Protest Symposium 2022

The Right to Protest Project (R2P) presents its first annual Protest Symposium themed “The State of Protest in Post-Apartheid South Africa”

Date : 5 December – 6 December 2022
Venue: Witwatersrand University

The Protest Symposium aims to critically analyze and engage the current challenges encompassing the right to protest in South Africa. In the midst of the nation grappling with the aftereffects of COVID-19, the growing inequality gaps, and the lack of redistribution of public resources, endemic rates of public and private sector corruption as well as institutionalized gender-based violence, racism and xenophobia marginalized communities often use different forms of protest action to voice out their dissent. However, the mainstream narrative of protesters being violent instigators has sought to criminalize protestors and minimize outrage at these intersecting challenges faced by many persons and groups. This has resulted in the further justification of human rights violations by police and private security companies during protest action.
Taking place at a time when South Africa is at a political crossroads facing multiple crises, this symposium is a gathering of academics, students, and activists who wish to contribute to promoting and protecting the right to protest. These series of workshops and seminars seek to formulate collaborative interventions to address challenges in the current protest landscape.

For enquiries please contact the following:
Project Coordinator – Busisiwe Zasekhaya, , 082 322 0383
Communications and Engagements Officer- Omhle Ntshingila ,, 082 322 0512